• Speed up to 120 ppm.
  • Quick change of infeed system for different products
  1. Power conveyor provides the easiest connection with existing production line.
  2. Finger chain conveyor normally uses for printing product with addition friction feeder
  3. Flight bar conveyor applies to multipack of different products’ height and shape.
  • Simple setup system and operation through user friendly touch screen design.
  • Ease to recall package memory on the touch screen.
  • Diagnostic features on the touch screen


ModelT-400 T-550HS-400 

Machine Size (mm)

L x W x H 

5405 x 1780 x 1380  (mm)6350 x 1950 x 1380 2935 x 1805 x 1385 
End Seal Bar (mm)500 630530

Packing Size

L x W x H (mm)

(80~1000) x (80~400) x (5~180) (80~1000) x (100~500) x (5~180) (80~1000) x (80~400) x (5~180) 
Voltage220V / 1PH 220V / 1PH220V/1PH 
Power (Kw)6.5Kw6.5Kw 6.5Kw 
Pneumatic 55psi, 6kg/sq.cm 55psi, 6kg/sq.cm 

55psi, 6kg/sq.cm 




E-shrink’s continuous motion side sealer offering for applications demanding high throughput speeds with maximum package flexibility. The products are packed with continuous product flow without stop and go. This machine is servo controlled and reaches speeds up to 120 packs/min. Servo system enhances machine reliability and movement accuracy so as to reduce error and cost of resources. Flexibility and ease-of-use are hallmarks of E-shrink design. 99 memories can be recorded for easy adjustment. HS-400 obtains advance configuration and capable of matching with various kinds of infeed system. Infeed modules include power conveyor, finger chain conveyor, flight bar conveyor etc.

  • Eye-mark sensor
  • Maximum packing height increase
  • Centerfolder
  • Servo pressing conveyor
  • Kissing conveyor
  • Different infeed conveyor
    • Flight bar conveyor
    • Harmonic conveyor (For T-400 and T-550)
    • Power conveyor (For HS-400)