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Household Product

Household Product

E-shink packaging machines offer the most user-friendly packing format for household goods. Household goods that can benefit from E-shrink packaging solutions due to their remarkable versatility and flexibility. There are a number of items available, such as drinking cups, sanitary equipment, kitchenware, food containers, sanitary equipment, candles, and picture frames. A high-performance machine can also be used to pack a wide variety of textile products, including textile roll goods, nonwovens, haberdashery and clothing, and binding threads.

Products packaged with us

Bagging without shrink

Soft product like clothes can be packed by E-shrink sealer as bagging purpose to save manpower.

Kitchen appliances

Shrink wrap is also commonly used for packing kitchen appliances.

Kitchen paper packaging

E-shrink machinery is often used in individual or combined packaging of kitchen paper, and can also be used with printed films.

Extra large items

Long big items such as photo frame, mirror, ironing board, door, mattresses etc…can be wrap by E-shrink machines.