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Automatic Sleeve Wrapper

30ppm Maximum Packing Speed
5525-SA / 5525-ACA
Strong, Tough, Durable Heavy Duty Packaging for Logistic Purpose
Sleeve Wrapping Machine

Automatic sleeve wrapper is mostly use for collective packaging. It is suitable for a wide range of products, can be use for packaging boxes, cans, jars, medicines, glass or plastic bottles product. Machines have multiple function and products can be packed individually or collectively. Product is packaged in a clean appearance without loose, able to meet the transportation needs. Machines can operate independently, or forming an automatic production line.

The distance between the front and rear conveyor belt can get closer for packing small products. When sealing happen, the rear conveyor will pull back for sealing bar to go downward.

Heavy duty frame structure reduces vibration
Special sealing knife designed strengthen the sealing line
Most suitable for collective packaging such as bottles, food cans and beverages in order to save carton boxes.
Straight-infeed system and angle-feed system are available in demand