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Primitive Semi-automatic L-bar Sealer for Essential Needs
Speeds up to 10 ppm.

L-sealer is one of the most versatile shrink wrapper models on the market. It is built for applications that require packaging line speeds approaching those of fully automatic sealers, but where equipment cost is a factor or where the product does not lend itself to automatic handling. This machine model is especially suitable for packing irregular product.

We can basic on the requirement to tailor make suitable size machine. Especially for small production but huge size product.

Replace hot sealing wire for sealing thick material.

Manual or pneumatic model are available
Discharge conveyor removes the package to the shrink tunnel when the seal is complete.
Protection device is assembled in sealing frame.
Product does not lend itself to automatic handling or irregular shape can be packed
Suitable for a wide range of products and applications with lower equipment cost