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Intermittent Motion Side Seal

Multifunction, high Adaptability Moderate Speed Intermittent Side Sealer

Speeds up to 60 ppm.

Intermittent motion side seal designed to run very large products such as picture frame, furniture, construction material etc at moderate speed. This series is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes and configurations. Servo driven insures consistent and high quality seals across a wide range of film types. Touch screen library recalls package setups and change over between different products size easily. The perfect choice for single pack and multi-pack producing packages with high aesthetic value.

Feeding devices with grouping function are specially designed to feed products to form a multi packing. Several products can drive together on the same time to prohibit misalignment happen. Packaging quality is improved because of this. It can increase production speed compare to feed multi products by hand. Connecting to the existing production line can accomplish a fully automatic production.

To use with color printed films for ensure preset bag length per pack.

Stainless steel machine are available allow the machine to be working stably under high moisture and low temperature working condition.

A guide rail pushing system is employed to pushing product in muti-packs format. Depends on products height and shape, different guide rail pushing systems are available.

Finger conveyor contains quick change flight lugs with stainless steel surface. With product guide rail, it is mostly used for driving a cluster to fit a wide range of products. Program connected to subsequent shrink wrapper and missing products detection is provided. Tailor made in different specifications are available.

Devices to change single sheet POF films to center fold form. Save 50% of time to films changing to increase efficiency.

Counter friction feeders are specially designed for handle a wide range of products. Normally, it is mounted at the right angles on a flighted conveyor. A set of products such as envelops, booklets, cards, paper sheet, can be counted and feed on the flighted conveyor which connects to subsequence shrink wrapper.

Machine can run random products of infinite length.
Sealing line can be adjusted in the middle of the product
Servo driven insures consistent seals
Speed up to 60 ppm
Conveyor speed can be moderated to suit for the production